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Lada Putih Sarawak (Biji) 60g – Grinder


Produk : Grinder Biji Lada Putih

Berat: 60 Grams

Tempoh Guna Produk : 24 months

Bahan Ramuan : Biji Lada Putih

Persijilan HALAL & MeSTI (HALAL & MesTI Certifcation) Ruj/Ref: JAKIM/(S)/(22.00)/492/2/1 044-03/2013 Ruj/Ref: T8/C/000352-022018


Produk (Product) : Lada Putih Sarawak (Sarawak White Pepper)

Bentuk Produk (Product Form) : Grinder Biji Lada Putih (White Pepper Berries Grinder)

Tempoh Guna Produk (Product Shelf Life) : 24 bulan (24 months)

Bahan Ramuan (Ingredients) : Biji Lada Putih (White Pepper Seeds)

Jumlah Hidangan (Total Serving) : 10 hidangan (10 serving)

Cadangan Hidangan (Serving Suggestion) : Hidangan masakan (Cooking serving)

Suhu Penyimpanan (Storage Temperature) : 28 Degree Celcius suhu bilik (Room Temperature 28 Degree Celcius)

Weight60 g
Dimensions36.5 × 24.2 × 13 cm

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